We are able to provide routine vaccinations where required for occupational activities, including overseas travel.

Typical dosage arrangements for vaccinations are as follows:

  Today 1 Month 2 Months 3 Months 6 Months Notes
Hepatitis B (Rapid schedules are also available) Dose 1 Dose 2     Dose 3 Blood testing also available to check on immunity
Hepatitis A Dose 1       Dose 2 Dose 2 may be given at 6-12 months
Diphtheria / Polio / Tetanus Dose 1 Dose 2 Dose 3     Booster 5-10 years
Chickenpox Dose 1   Dose 2      
MMR Dose 1 Dose 2       Blood testing for components also available to check on immunity
Influenza Dose 1
        New vaccine each season
Typhoid Dose 1         Booster 3 yearly

1] Please note that this is an outline schedule. Other schedule arrangements may be implemented depending on the circumstances, especially if there is an urgent need for protection.
2] This list is not exhaustive.
3] Please allow sufficient time for vaccination before overseas travel.

We provide a professional service and our occupational health advisers are trained in vaccination procedures. We carry out vaccinations in line with “Immunisation against infectious disease – The Green Book”. We also provide information sheets on the vaccines used, including information about side effects.